JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong uploaded a picture in India.

On September 24, Kim uploaded a picture on his Twitter with the caption, “I’m at work! I am so going to eat Indian curry today!” In the picture, Kim is wearing a sleeveless shirt and looking at the camera with his big eyes.

Previously, Kim created a stir by revealing a picture of himself in India. In the previous post, Kim uploaded a picture of himself topless with the caption, “It’s so warm in India.”

Netizens commented: “Kim Jae Joong’s smile is such an art.” “His self-taken picture looks like a pictorial.” “I hope that you take a picture of the Indian curry too!” “I can’t believe that a guy is this pretty.”

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[OTHER NEWS] 120502 ‘Elisabeth’ Rudolf, Lee-U: Jaejoong-hyung’s care saved me

For someone who has no previous experience in acting, many people wondered how Lee-U joined the acting field, especially since he debuted as an idol singer. Lee-U said, “Kim Jaejoong-hyung who provided support and care for me during the audition for Elisabeth is a savior to me.”

After ‘Protect the Boss’, Jaejoong reached out to and provided support for Lee-U who was at a loss regarding his career at that time. The relationship between the two began with the 3rd episode of Happy Together in 2008. Lee-U indicated that after Happy Together, Jaejoong and him had been in constant contact and furthering their relationship.

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[TRANS] Protect the Boss Episode 07 Preview. Muwon and Jihun Fight! XD (via JYJ3)

can’t wait ❤

[TRANS] Protect the Boss Episode 07 Preview. Muwon and Jihun Fight! XD Eunsul who has received Muwon’s confession is flabbergasted, and as she hesitates, the moment at which Jihun confessed his love to her is recalled. Eunsul who was zoned out, wondering why at this moment Jihun comes to her mind, suddenly spots Jihun who is watching them outside of the window. Jihun is angered and faces Muwon separately. The two who were having a war of nerves in the end comes to fight, rolling, tossing and turning in the restauran … Read More

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